PokeBus - Turn Pixelmon statues into rideable Pokemon for players to use

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PokeBus allows admins to turn Pixelmon statues into ‘bus stops’ that players can use to travel to pre-defined destinations set by admins.
More information at PokeBus/README.md at master · CJcool06/PokeBus · GitHub.



  • PokeBuses use the traits of the statue associated with it’s parent PokeBus Stop dynamically, allowing any statue changes to immediately be applied to the PokeBuses without any need for pesky reloads.

  • Give PokeBuses their own custom names! Each PokeBus Stop can have their own separate list of names for their PokeBus Drivers to use. If no names are set for a PokeBus Stop, it will use default names given in the config. Supports colour codes

  • Neat destination system and AI that allows you to set multiple destinations for each PokeBus Stop and easily create a custom path for the PokeBus to follow using the ghost destinations system. Ghost destinations are destinations that the PokeBus will move to but not stop at, it is used purely for the purpose of navigation.

  • Players can get off the PokeBus at any time by de-mounting. Whether it be at a destination or in the middle of nowhere.

  • PokeBuses are highly configurable and uses an interactive chat system to do so. Better than porn confirmed.

Commands & Permissions

  • /pokebus stops - pokebus.admin.stops
  • /pokebus reload - pokebus.admin.reload


  • SpongeAPI 7.1.0
  • Pixelmon 7.0.x


This plugin uses minimal amount of mixins for these reasons:

  • To allow the AI to work with Pixelmon
  • To alter Minecraft’s path search range (configurable in config)


  • Pokemon going in circles: Lower the travel speed and make the growth smaller.

  • Problem getting to destination error: Most likely the distance from the PokeBus Stop to the destination is more than the maximum pathing range distance. Increase in config.

  • Cannot get to destination: Use ghost destinations to make a custom path to follow. Pretty much a must-do for any complex or long distance destinations.

A new version has been released for PokeBus, it is available for download here.

will this work with fly mounts

At the moment flying Pokemon travel on the ground

the name must be 1 word and be no more than 10 characters long

But I can’t input either Chinese or English.

I have had reports of that happening in SpongeForge RC3616. It works fine in RC3625, so it seems to be a sponge bug that has been fixed in the newer versions.

broken on recommended spongeforge-1.12.2-2825-7.1.6.jar

same as situafang

Broken for Forge 1.12.2 ( w/SpongeForge (7.2.0-RC-4008)
“The name must be 1 word and be no more than 10 characters long”
Also cannot use chat at all after this, must disconnect from server to reset it

Plugin broken, must disconnect to use chat after trying to make stop which is unnamable. Issues page links to github which no where to put a bug report. Tried to write cohesive report here but it disappeared.