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Every forum should have a Pokemon thread. So here’s one. Share whatever Pokemon stuff. Talk about your and other people’s stuff. If we need a discussion starter I’ll edit and throw in something.

i think that Pokemon gets really repetitive and boring after a while and i don’t get why the platinum version of Pokemon is the same thing as the diamond and pearl version except that there’s a new legendary Pokemon i mean really and also why release two of the same version of the pokemon game except with different legendary pokemon

B/W is the point where it became crap. Instead of adding regions, these new evolutions and so on everybody hates they should create a game where multiple regions can be visited and a longer, unique and more interactive journey can be started, eg so that you can choose where to go next after the first region.

I unfortunately do have to agree with you. I stopped playing after Fire Red because I felt at that point that there was simply too much going on in the game. Some friends convinced me to pick up either X or Y, and I enjoyed it, but coming from Sapphire with, what was it, somewhere between 200 and 350 Pokemon, to Pokemon Y, where they had to divide the Pokedex into sections… It was a bit overwhelming, but I stuck mostly to Pokemon from the first second and third generations and still enjoyed the experience. Alpha Sapphire is great, because it is basically X and Y (engine and game mechanics) but it is the Sapphire version. If you enjoyed the third gen games and have a 3DS, I would recommend you pick up one of the OR/AS games.

I personally always used to play Pokemon when I was younger. In fact, that was how I got into gaming really. Heck, I still have the Game Boy Advanced/DS cases for them. I’ve played (almost) every Pokemon game from Fire Red to Heart Gold. My favorite one overall had to be Emerald. I personally had the entire region of that game memorized by heart back then. I have loads of cards and figures over the game (would pic if I could). Now I really don’t play it too much. I will admit, it got too repetitive for me over the years.

I can’t help but think:
Pokemon: FTL Edition

Warning: Foul Language

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