PokeWarfare Pixelmon dev needed (plugin sorting, etc.)

Hi Guys,

I have set up a server for pixelmon but i am new to permissions, etc. Was wondering if anyone could assist with the plugins i have installed. It is all really configuration that needs to be done.

Simply put, i would like to work with people who share the same enthusiasm for this. I have 0 knowledge of plugins and i dont want to mess server up :stuck_out_tongue:

Server IP: - ask for paulgali (me IG, server owner) or PM me here. Server is US Eastern, im based in UAE.

If anyone could advise it would be great, even I will make someone supermod/whatever and you can also take some money from the donations we receive (when all is up and running), if you’re willing to help.

Just let me know hte following:
*experience with sponge plugins
*country you live in (timezone purposes :smiley: )

Thanks, Paul

why isn’t the server whitelisted if it’s unprotected? everybody can destroy the spawn and the commands aren’t setted, like the permission, why the server is just open? I can help you but really, whitelist it now :confused:
(i’m 16, plugins are easy to set up and i’m from Italy)

oh god i thought it was already :confused: anyway its updated now…
where do we go from here? ill pm you my skype