Poll: Add in a spot for Minecraft and GitHub usernames

So after signing up for the Glowstone forums, I noticed they had spots to put in you minecraft username and your github username.

  • This should be Added
  • No, we don’t need this.

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This definitely should be a thing, we are a minecraft developer community after all so people should be able to get easy access to this information.


If it’s reasonably doable in the forum software, this is indeed a very useful thing to have. +1 vote.

As long as it stays with that and doesn’t get like some other forums that have a bunch of useless info, I’d love to see that :smiley:

Good idea. That reminds me, I need to clean up my GH profile

Stands in front of a mirror and says out loud@lukegb, @lukegb, @lukegb

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Added. Have fun.

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WOOT WOOT! Github powers… ACTIVATE

Yaaay! :smiley:

Yay! How do we find the info on other users though?

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SQL injection? I also can’t find it :frowning:.

found it:
https://forums.spongepowered.org/users/BitByte/activity.json its on user.user_fields.

Info like this should be available under a users profile pic, kind of like they had on the bukkit forums.

I’d say user cards. I doubt there is room below the profile pic. Also, it clutters things up IMO.

Oh hey it worked :slight_smile:

@mumfrey has successfully called on the forum overlord! :clap:

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