Poll: Favorite Java IDE

  • Eclipse
  • IntelliJ
  • Netbeans

Using my newfound power of poll creation I shall recreate this topic!


No Notepad++?
No Notepad?
No ‘Other’ option?


Probably should have put an ‘Other’ option. I would like to see someone who uses Notepad++ for regular, every-day java programming though.

I feel sorry for anyone who tries to program in Microsoft’s Notepad .-. But kudos to you if you can deal with that XD Although I don’t suppose those count as IDEs, although they probably belong since some people just don’t use IDEs. Although it’s all for fun at this point I guess.

Latent edit: ‘Although’ isn’t my favorite word, just don’t seem to pay attention to how often I use it

Notepad is not an IDE.


Coda. I truly wish I could find something on the Windows platform that came close. But, I am a web developer, not Java. So not sure how it would be for that.

Exactly… I was going to write that, but I see, you came first.

Sure but, notepad++ isn’t notepad. But anyway, Notepad++ isn’t an IDE either. It’s just a super duper fancy text editor.

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Why are we doing a poll on the best IDE and only including 3 IDE’s? And these are only for Java. You are leaving out like a billion IDE’s. Also, it’s a great way to start a flame war. It’s mostly opinion based.


Magnetic needle and a steady hand anyone?

(Actually, I use vim sometimes when I need to do something quick… - but I guess that’s not an IDE either.)

I wonder if anyone has used Oracle’s JDeveloper…


I am sorry my poll does not fit to your standards but there was an IntelliJ vs Eclipse battle going on and they are by far the most popular JAVA IDEs so I made a poll, if you don’t like it remake it.

BlueJ FTW haha :slight_smile:

Most popular JAVA ide’s.

Sigh Happy now?

that is the most satisfying xkcd I’ve read in while :smile:


Dear god no. BlueJ is by far one of the worst ide’s created for java.

also @dualspiral JDeveloper was designed for EE and SOA stuff. but you can easily do those in eclipse/intellij/other ide’s as well

I know - it’s was slightly tongue in cheek. I don’t know of anyone who uses it though - even in software development! :wink:

@TelFiRE Have you tried Adobe Code Edge for web development?

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Notepad++ is an IDE. I learned C# and Java in it…

Notepad++ is a fancy text editor. Just like vim and sublime text.

Emacs, well its just a different beast.

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