Poll: Favorite Linux Desktop Environment

  • Budgie Desktop
  • CDE
  • Cinnamon
  • Deepin
  • EDE
  • Enlightenment
  • GNUstep
  • Hawaii
  • KDE Plasma
  • Lumina
  • LXDE
  • LXQt
  • MATE
  • Maynard
  • Pantheon
  • ROX
  • Sugar
  • Trinity
  • Unity
  • Xfce

I realize I could have made this a shorter list, but I figured I would just include every type I could find. Even if this list includes unpopular DEs, this list could be a neat way to discover new ones.

A good point was brought up here, and I figured I’d create another poll specifically for Desktop Environments as, sometimes, that’s the only difference between two distros.

Other: not really a DE but still nice i3wm


I’ve been planning to try out a tiling window manager.

Would you consider iw3m to be superior to a stacking (not quit esure what you call a non tiling window manager) window manager?

Best one I’ve tried out :smiley: takes a bit to get used to but it’s really nice once you figured out. It’s especially nice on a laptop IMHO

I’ve tried out i3 and…it’s just amazing! :smiley: :smile:
It’s going to be so hard to use anything else at school now :frowning:

Next up on the list of things I’ve been meaning to do: swtich to Arch


@LordIllyohs: Have you been able to run Minecraft under i3? I’ve been having problems with lwjgl.

For me I just had to find the right drivers for my Graphics card

The problem is, everything was working fine under Unity.

You forgot Elementary. Gotta say I like deepin but I’m having a bunch of problems with it.

Elementary is a distro, not a Desktop Environment.

Whatever DM they use. Plank?

They use Pantheon, which is the list above. :smile:

another other - none. just openbox window manager (on arch)

Today, I learned a lot more people used Cinnamon than I would have expected.