Poll: XenForo vs Discourse

Hey peeps, I decided to open up a poll on what site Sponge should use. A couple of weeks ago, I opened up a thread about Sponge XenForo, and I have gotten a lot of different opinions about it, and I wanted to see the results without having to scroll through 130 posts. I will add more websites to the list if you prefer them over XenForo or Discourse.

  • XenForo
  • Discourse
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If you want one added to the list, make sure you post here and tell me.

Please add community forum :stuck_out_tongue:

Well crap. Polls cannot be modified after the first five minutes… :}{

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I know I such troll :stuck_out_tongue:

Xenforo makes it look like Bukkit. Discourse.

Edit: Learned that I made a retarded comment. Now I understand.

Then you’d either have two completely separate communities, giving you the worst of both worlds, or have the massive task of keeping two different forum softwares in sync.

Not much of a reason not to use it, a different theme can be used y’know. It makes it look like HiveMC too, the horror. /s

Seriously? Ok, these comments are bugging me.

There are many many pre-built themes out there to make it look different. It doesn’t have to look exactly like the bukkit forums. The themes can be modified too, it is widely customizable and has a stable backend that many people are used to. Don’t make people from the minecraft community learn an entirely new system.

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Xenforo is more organized. Sponge will become a large (or atleast average) sized community, so sponge should have a more organized website/forum only because you don’t want a bunch of posts/discussions randomly around. It would be difficult and very unorganized with discourse imo.


I do want to say, IMO the current system for the way the sponge forums is setup is not going to work at all. The most recent posts just popping up at the top of the forum is fine for now when everybody is participating in almost every discussion but when the forum expands to the size or even larger than the size of the bukkit forums that system will simply not work. It will have to be much more organized and it should be easy to find the thread you want. There will be hundreds of thousands of threads on this system when it is in full swing with many users posting things at the same time. The home screen calamity would be beyond imaginable.

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I personally find it extremely messy, already now. I’d love seeing Sponge go xF, but I also know a decent free forum software which a friend of mine made (http://iko.im) which could be a viable option. That’s easy to create templates for too.

I’m gonna go nuts if Sponge stays with the current setup. It will after all get larger and larger with time, thus leading to more mess and unorganized threading around the entire forum.

I bring you the categories view.

Can you actually back this up with any spcific claim?

Scrolling endlessly, recent posts/newer threads popping up top… There’s no general forum structuring, which in my eyes make it look pretty messy.

So instead of remembering the Xth post of the Yth page, you just remember the post number. Where’s the issue?

Just like on any other forum?

I meant in a sense that they pop up independently. One thing is when they do such in their category, another when whatever post gets to the top of the main page.
Although I don’t get why you’re so on my case for having shared my opinion?

… because I disagree, and this topic is about trying to reach a consensus, perhaps?

Discouse looks new and fresh, it is also 100% open source. For a basic forum like this, Discourse will be fine :stuck_out_tongue:


My main gripe with Discourse so far (that I can remember, anyways) is the organization of topics. Or should I say, the lack thereof. @teozkr brought up the categories view, but it isn’t the default view, and if you don’t use the… Whatever this is… You’re back to the default view.

That said, I do really like how new posts in a thread you are viewing is handled. That and no posts per page are probably my favorite features so far in Discourse. Like all software change, it just takes a little getting used to.

It wouldn’t be possible. This is because XenFORO and Discourse run in their own separate directories on any given webserver. So if you really wanted to attempt to, you would need a way to sync everything between both forums. Also it will just be a mess handling with the users alone.