I have an old adventure map that uses worldguard for regions and groupmanager for perms. The regions in my map are “poly” regions. This means that they are made up of many points and are not square. Is there any region plugins that can do poly regions? I also need a plugin that can do perms that would work with the regions to prevent people from going in until they get a certain rank.

How did you manage to create non-square regions? You can replace WorldGuard with GriefPrevention for Sponge, but I don’t understand your non-square regions.

They were made with worldguard/worldedit back when my server was running cauldron 1.7.10. It takes multiple points and creates a closed “2d” polygon out of them from bedrock to sky. It allowed me to make regions that followed the land.

Example: say your walking in a field and come to a river. That river would have a region that matched the geography. So when you entered the river would say like" Entering Dove River" using the greeting flags for regions. And when you left the river and went back to the field, it would say “Entering Hammond Fields”

This is crucial to my server as it’s an adventure map where the quests reference certain areas and people will have no idea what the npcs are talking about. Also, it took me months to make them for the 5k x 5k map.

Just google poly regions for worldguard and you will see what im talking about.

FoxGuard (https://forums.spongepowered.org/t/api-6-x-7-x-foxguard-the-flexible-world-protection-solution/9952), has planned support for poly regions, and Fox (the creator), says it should only take a few days to do, however he is in uni, so that time frame might be a bit skewed. Of course, this won’t be able to read existing worldguard regions, so you will have to reset them all up…

If your interested in using it, give me or @gravityfox a poke.


Honestly if i wanted to be crazy enough i could probably read worldguard regions. I just don’t know what the file format is, so i’ll have to look at that.

So apparently the worldguard format is dead simple to read, cause it’s just a yaml file…

So if i add poly regions to foxguard i might just throw in the ability to import worldguard regions along with it.

Wow! that would be fantastic. My regions have over 15000 points for all the regions and redoing them would take forever.

I honestly can’t say how much I would love this feature!