Port request - DragonTravel

Would be awesome if someone ported this to Sponge.


If not just made a new one like it, IDK which would be easier.

Plugin overview:
Players can travel from point to point (predetermined) via a non-destructive Ender Dragon.
Setup for plugin requires stations and two different (optional) transport paths.

Path 1: Point A to Point B (straight-line). This simply travels along a straight line from one station to the next. Issues with this is, dragons can go through blocks with player.

Path 2: Follows a predetermined flight path made before hand by server owner/ staff. (If you’ve ever used a Camera mod in Minecraft you’ll know how this works). Basically, “waypoints” are set up and the dragon flies to each one, eventually landing at the end point.

Good options:

  • Support for economy (pay to travel).
  • OG Plugin allows for spawning in Ender Dragons, facing the directions the player is facing, with no AI (movements or wing flapping) (would be nice to turn off sound too). It just sits there.

Personally requested for Sponge Forge 1.11.2 - 2477

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The licence of dragon travel uses a custom licence that is based on all rights reserved. There is a cause in the custom licence that allows for ports of the plugin but it sounds like it needs to be based on the original code (sponge wont be).

This means it would probably need to be a ‘alternative’.

Edit: Ignore the following - im a idiot
Also. Sponge dropped support for api 5. So most developers wont go with 1.11.2

Um… Sponge Forge 1.11.2 is API 6 bud.

XD im a idiot sometimes

It happens. No worries.

Also, upon reading the custom license, it’s fully allowed to be ported to Sponge so long as the original authors are credited.

Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without modification, are permitted provided that the following conditions are met: 1. Redistributions of source code must retain the above copyright notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer.

So, yeah, as long as they are credited as original authors, and that the copyright belongs to them, it’s fully portable to Sponge.

As a note to any Dev, I’m willing to pay a reasonable price for a port or your own version (provided your version works the same way). I’m in my 30’s I have money to spend, (sorry I see a lot of kids like I can pay a small fee, like $5…) I know your time is valuable. Also, paying you does NOT mean I wish to have the only Sponge port of this, I’d like it to be open to everyone.

There is a high chance that people won’t be able to “port” this plugin. Most plugins need to be pretty much re-written to work with Sponge, especially at it’s current stage of evolution. Chances are, since the plugin has a bit of an aesthetic effect (and a lot of in-game customization), I can see this plugin taking a couple of hours for someone to complete, if it’s possible at this time even.

If you plan on paying someone for this, you might want to post in Devs Wanted, but keep in mind that most developers work for quite a premium. That doesn’t mean that it’s a scam or anything (most of the time the high price results in HQ code) but just keep that in mind. It’s not going to be $10-30 by any means.

Then a new one, money is on the table. $30 I would feel like I’m ripping them off. Thanks for the info. New around here didn’t know about the Dev wanted forum. I’ll head over there.

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Where at you getting all rights reserved from? The code is public on GitHub and uses the two-clause BSD license.

The bukkit page of dragon travel.

I have looked at github licences before and people have said its wrong because the spigot page says different. So i thought its the spigot and/or bukkit page I should look at.

If the source code and the page have conflicting licenses, the source code wins (especially if it’s linked from the page!)


All Rights Reserved is the default option when you create a new project on Curse.

On top of that, Curse have no system in place for maintaining what releases were released under what version, nor do they bother to even try and enforce it.

I’ve seen projects use open source licenses, without ever releasing the code… Curses response was to change the project rather then contact the author…

Ok. But the bukkit page said “custom licence” (not a default option) so i thought this developer put the time and effort to write this licence.

Looking at the actual license under custom license, it’s the BSD license from the GitHub, just not updated since 2014, where as github has the year at 2017 :slight_smile: So they arn’t even conflicting.

It seems like a fun plugin, i might give it a try, however at the current stage of sponge the result is unknown. and if anything ill port directly to api 7.


Found fundamental problems, lets see how fast gets those problems fixed then ill continue

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I have no problem upgrading to API 7 if need be. I’m only 1 API behind at 6 so I see no problem with upgrading. It actually may be beneficial as I only chose 1.11 (api 6) do to me being new to sponge at the time and wanting to see if Spigot plugins would work with Sponge. Now that I know they are not, and all mods I use have 1.12.2 versions AND I’m getting into plugin dev myself (complete noob there, no pun intended with my name… or is it) I see it being more beneficial than anything for me to upgrade!

If you do end completing this let me know! (haven’t looked at your ender dragon entity yet but I know I’ve had issues with it in the past spawning in no AI dragons with command blocks in the past.