Porting Bukkit plugin (Finished)


This is a donate plugin that is more cost effective than other donate plugins.

Work Needed
Port the https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/woominecraft-donation-plugin.25517/ plugin to the sponge and run it fully

The price needs to be quoted by the developer. I will send half of the item before the start of the project. The other half will be sent after the completion.

The plugin is open source, and it can be used by other people in need.



Have you tried contacting the original author? They seem to still be active.


Anyone from Spigot that I’ve asked to port (and offered money to) their plugins to Sponge have refused because of learning a totally new API.


You never know unless you actually ask. While I know this is someone who has been Sponge advocate since the start but if my plugins were not already ported, or if they ask me to port my plugins to another platform then I would happily learn the API and port them (for free).

The only reason why im not fond of porting the plugin you wish is I have no motivation for it, so I don’t believe I will do a good port


I have seen them to leave a message, I don’t think the author will transplant, so I am looking for someone to help with the transplant.