Porting Heroes and Herochat

To those who have questions, the goal is to port these plugins. We may, however, need some assistance.

More to come when API and other things are fleshed out.


Would be very much interested in helping port heroes. Used to use and develop custom skills for hero servers a lot. Loved the plugin, although I’ve been out of the heroes scene for quite some time now- wouldn’t have any trouble getting up to date.

If the new component system get into sponge, you can benefit from it very well :wink:

That include your herochat? I use it frequently >_<

Great to hear, I was already eagerly awaiting bukkit 1.8 and Heroes so this is all good news!

Oh Great maby i can do a new HUD again :slight_smile:

No, you can’t…

Correct, the title states “Herochat” as well.


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Really looking forward to this, was worried Heroes wasn’t going to make it through.

Chat and HUD are different things ¿¿

You’re again on drugs?

Will “SpongeHeroes” be opensource?

Are you still looking to Port HeroChat? Because we are willing to do it. We use HeroChat on all our servers, and it would be amazing if we could see in the source to port it to Sponge.