Porting my plugins

I would like to announce that i will be porting most of my plugins to Sponge.
Here is a full list:

  • Marriage
  • PvpLevels
  • MyWorlds
  • Statues
  • BeTheMob
  • LoginSecurity
  • NoLagg (maybe)
  • TrainCarts

Some of these will be entirely recoded, as they have not been updated in a long time.
Others will just be reworked to be compatible with Sponge.
You can follow me on twitter to stay up to date with my development as soon as i feel like the SpongeAPI is ready: https://twitter.com/lenis0012


dat title.

Sounds awesome, glad to see more developers planning on porting their plugins to use Sponge :slight_smile:

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Glad to see you around with all your wonderful plugins :slight_smile:

An opportunistic time for a rewrite!

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Thats what i thought.
Time to remake the 2-3 year old layouts i still use

Announcements about claiming the porting of a particular plugin (even your own) go here:


So what ever happened to that RedstoneMania plugin, will that be ported/upgraded or left to die?

If people request porting for it i will eventualy port that as well.

Glad to see that your are going to port your awesome plugins. I might be able to help. PM me.

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Always in for some help from dutch people :wink:

That’s nice man!

I can’t wait :wink:

Any plans for SignLink? Xd I love this plugin.

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I think you should use Pore! I think you only need to re write but you don’t need to use the new api!

Are you looking for help? I’m ditching my plugins.

so, there are dev builds of Sponge available now, any news about the plugins?

@lenis0012 But more or less how long will it take to transfer TrainCarts? I say it because I’m waiting urgently. And another question, do you know if the MultiverseCore is in sponge?


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