Possible that there are no Auth plugins for Sponge?

Hi guys, i need a plugin like AuthMe for Sponge.
I don’t want to create a separate server (Hub with Bungeecord) just for Authentication…
I already tried FlexibleLogin but is really bugged.
Anything for Forge?

Why not get help with FlexibleLogin instead of requesting a new plugin? Fixing a bug is almost always easier than writing a completely new plugin.

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I think the plugin author has abandoned the project.

Last release 14 days ago.

Maybe you used the wrong Sponge API version for it. I got no bug reports recently.

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Can you link me the best release for 1.10.2? (API 5.x)
And also are you fixed the bug that you can login with Uppercase letter using a staff member and get permissions?

I uploaded a new version. For the bug you experienced it might be of the incorrect sponge version that isn’t compatible with the plugin version. Please use the bug tracker and explain it exactly how you experienced the issue.