PreCompiled Jar for SpongeAPI?

Hello, my question is, is there a precompiled jar download somewhere for the SpongeAPI?

If so where, if not any plans to provide a download for it in the future?

It isn’t that I couldn’t figure it out if I tried enough, but for the sake of simplicity, and user ease.

You can get to one through the API release announcement thread.

It can be found on the Sponge API github under the release tab.

You can find newer versions in the Sponge Maven repo:

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Yeah I recently switched to Maven and its a whole lot easier :smiley:

Switch to gradle and it will be even easier. :wink:

@boformer Do I still need to compile it though?

@cartman2000 thanks :smile:

@Boomshroom Always prefered Maven over gradle, probably due to the fact that I used maven for almost everything until I started working with Forge. I am much more proficient at working with maven projects than gradle though with sponge I am slowly starting to get used to it.

No, you don’t have to compile it.