Preload chunks?

I used to have worldborder on my previous server which had two benefits, it stopped people from crossing a certain radius, and two it was able to regenerate the chunks beforehand reducing the load on the server/player.
Now i did some research and apparently theres already a worldborder in place which is nice.
But as far as i know theres no chunk loader, so can someone help me find one?

Also the chunks can only be loaded inside the worldboarder offcourse or a tad outside, i don’t want it to generate further then the set worldborder if possible.

Thanks in advance!

Command you’re looking for is /border generate

thank you for the reply, i have however read about this (his bigger plugin is project worlds).
But according to some of the people his project borders is still buggy an dwill not completly generate.
Also his plugin is not documented at all.
And im’ still using Sponge 4.0 and his older compatible plugin for 4.0 was stil prerelease.
He has a newer one but thats using sponge API 5.0.

So i’m not very optimistic about using said plugin on my new world.
But thanks anyway, hopefully there are other solutions.

The issues aren’t with his plugin, they are with the core code for Sponge chunk pregeneration. Any plugin would use the same two lines of sponge api code to pregenerate chunks, and we’re waiting on those issues even with api5.0 Finding a plugin for pregenerating api 4.0 as opposed to 4.1 or 4.2 might be difficult to find, but only take a minute to write

Trust me, the pregenerator code any plugin uses isn’t fancy at all - the bulk of the work goes into writing the command processor for you to enter the command to pregenerate a given size, and that can be directly lifted from the help pages and tweaked. Then its feed that number into a spongebuilder and the code is done, so “its still a prerelease” means nothing other than the 20 other functions he has in the plugin may not be polished and his plans for internal help messages may not be finished, etc… But as for pregenerating code there is nothing special for a plugin to do.

Note as well, after you pregenerate the map chunks, you no longer need the plugin, as you can establish world border positions separately in sponge and let the minecraft borderwall do its job, so you dont require keeping a pregenerator plugin always like worldborder.

EDIT Since your ultimate goal is “I just want to get this 4k radius world generated so that i can open my server” then give any of them a try, as its going to take a while to pregenerate no matter what. Just dont try letting people use the server while its doing so, and see how far it gets. You can always set the border smaller, around different origins, and let it pregen the world in parts, such that the end result is the large region:

Thank you for the explanation, i had no clue how this all worked.

Just one final question though if i do try this out and it hangs somewhere along the line, wouldnt this not mess up my chunks somewhere where it stopped? I’m not afraid to run it, i just dont want it to hang and mess up(ruined beyond repair).

Also if i would to set a worldborder with i assume these commands(, would it stop there, or continue to do so?

Thanks in advance though!

it wont mess up any chunks in any way (permanently, after a reboot) when it stops, it just is unable to procede further without crashing out of memory (latter versions) or grinding out at a snails pace (earlier versions) when it hits the limit of what it can do on your server. And if it did, it would be just one single chunk that got messed up.
Pregenerating works its way outwards in a sprial

and it will stop just as such that way - all it is doing is loading a chunk that does not exist on disk already, which causes minecraft to generate it. Nothing will be broken beyond a given point any more than it currently is before someone explores it.

the /worldborder commands for setting centers and diameter are integrated into sponge the same way, so wether it is a sponge-command override, or sponge hooking into that data I am not sure, but the commands do work.
The difference is that vanilla minecraft applies that same border setting to all the worlds. I think in sponge, the command will apply to the world you are issuing the command from.
Sponge config files will record separate settings for each world center and border size, it would be worth double-checking some changes in-command-line against those file updates

NO MATTER WHAT though - the pregenerator code is set to stop once the chunks within the magic-wall border are generated (plus a minimal strip of chunks beyond that wall , which is what you want since explorers hitting the wall would otherwise require the server to pregenerate what they can view beyond) – no matter where that magic wall is centered and sized, the generator stops automatically at that point.