Prism Official Thread - v3.0 Beta

At this point, if you ABSOLUTELY need prism, it would be easier to submit a plugin request for someone to make a DB cleanup plugin that can point to this exact DB and clean it up over time.

Actually it would be easier for someone to PR completed work on the purge system. I may be inactive personally, I don’t play Minecraft anymore and shutdown my server of five years, but I still support this version and will actively review and merge PRs. I’m not ruling out personally working on it either, it’s just that I have other projects with a higher return on my time.


Hm, so there isn’t container lookup yet, is that what I’m reading? That’s a shame. Unless it has been added since and the OP isn’t updated.

If anyone has an improved, unofficial version of this, or a decent replacement, I am very interested, please PM me, thanks <3

Darn I was so stoke when I saw this plugin however I can’t even get the page to download the .jar to load :frowning:

My fault. I let the old domain expire but there are alternates. I’ve updated the link.

Does this version of Prism log players inserting/removing items from machines/chests?

@Sisko No, it doesn’t.

Thanks for the response.

Any idea if its because of a limitation in sponge or if that feature just hasnt been implemented yet?

@Sisko The dev doesn’t have time to maintain it anymore, I’ve switched to AdamantineShield, It’s fairly new but the dev is active and a really nice guy. Or you could try using PrismPlus, also new, but seems like it could work well.

I have updated the plugin to work with API 7.
It hasn’t been rigorously tested, but Rollback wasn’t working on the previous version and that’s now fixed.

Sadly, it looks like Vive doesn’t have the time to maintain this plugin. I’d be more than happy to provide updates in the future.


Awesome to see someone picking up the torch; would be nice to see container/inventory logging in the future. Prism use to be my go to logging/rollback plugin.

I’m always happy to review and merge PRs, I don’t have time to actively develop but have not quite abandoned anything.

The ORE page could be owned by you and have me as a developer.
All original code would of course give you full credit.

I’ve been testing implementations of logging inventories, and it’s going well!


That’d be awesome!

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Thanks for the update!

It would be really nice if Prism could be actively developed again. In the mean time I’m going to give Prism-3.0.0-beta2-48-g39b8d2f a go on our FTB DireWolf 20 for 1.10.2 server.

I doubt it works with 1.10.2 as some of the classes are API 6 +

Bonjour, j’utilise votre mod ( Prism-3.0.0-beta2-46-ge820b5e-all ) en 1.12.2 avec spongeforge-1.12.2-2611-7.1.0-BETA-2929 et en écrivant bien les commandes tel que /pr rb a:break r:50 player:wwwGeneral since:3d je n’observe aucun rollback de même en essayant d’autre paramètres dans plusieurs sens différents.

Aucune message d’erreur, et le seul message que ça m’écrit c’est “Prism // Querying records…

J’espère que vous pouvez m’aider, bonne journée a vous !


Hello, a few quick questions before I start using this plugin :slight_smile:

I am looking for a good logging plugin and the restore options are a plus, so…

  1. Is this plugin still being developed? I.e. is it a good idea to start using it or should I look for another solution?
  2. Are there other solutions that are more actively developed?
  3. Do I require an extern database for this or can I use sqlite for example?

Thanks in advance

work on sponge for 1.12.2?