Private Servers VS Public Servers

Would you rather run a public or private minecraft server?


Depends on what I wanna do. For modpacks to play with my friends, private, but I will open up a public Sponge server once Sponge is released.
Having random people coming to your server is really fun for me, I love seeing all the different kinds of people out there and playing with (most of) them. Public servers for me are mostly a public forum for people to come together and talk and have fun.


Guess So, I have kinda lost my interest in public servers, because all my friends wanted to be op, and we kind of went down because some one did //sphere tnt 1000 then lit it :frowning:

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Because I met so many nice people on my server :wink:

I run a private server. Existing members can vouch for new members. That way I don’t need to set up more than one or two rules, and I don’t need any plugins to enforce them.

I have run both public and private servers and while public servers are incredibly rewarding at times they are also a huge stress factor in your life and frankly I find it more fun and enjoyable to manage a private server and play casually with my friends.

Well I’d say semi-public type servers, ones that are on a whitelist, so you can still control who can get on the server.

And I’d agree, it can be fun to see who will get on a public server.

Isn’t that private? What do people mean by private?

I did the same thing on my server, except it was more like //sphere tnt 1000000…

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There’s always that one time that we all do that.

I personally prefer public servers mainly because you are part of a larger community and for other reasons. I tried doing private servers for a while but I eventually got bored of it (people were inactive a lot and it was pretty much the same as single player)


assuming a public server can generate a clean community that isn’t infested with pvp-hungry nuisances, preference would probably be for public server. its nice having a community to interact with, but i don’t really go for them anymore since most of the ones i come up upon are just direct poison since the tag [Survival] no longer means surviving against what the game has, moreso surviving against every other player trying to murder you on sight.

i usually do private servers for me and my friends to screw around on.
its funny to me that its been so long since i’ve met with the message “can i be op/give me op” when i always randomly pull up a private server

I have created 4 public servers (all that have failed, thanks to lack of advertisement) and a countless number of private servers so you can trust what I am rambling about.

I am not sure why this thread started in the first place because both types of servers have their advantages and disadvantages. For example, while a public server may be a good idea to publish your projects/mini-games to the community, a private server would be an essential option in the case that you are required to plan and/or test your ideas with a small group of staff before they are released. Likewise, public servers offer the addition of possible revenue, but lack in player reliability (the notion that every player will be a positive influence on the community). On the other hand, private servers are not open to the community so, unless you are making money off of your friends (which I highly discourage), there is no such thing as a revenue stream, but instead you are entitled to a strong community (assuming that your friends aren’t out to get you).

If this happens to offend anyone (which I don’t know why it would), please don’t take this personally and just know that I am only stating my opinion and that your are also entitled to your own.

Happy holidays! :wink:

Expanding, meeting new people, and a growing community definitely made me prefer hosting a public over a private server. Even though its more challenging.

I get the best of both worlds: A public server that I don’t advertise. Tis fun, all the people I know and their friends that they invited playing together.

Running an active public server generally means you’ll have no time for playing at all unless you have a very active moderator team. Even then, I find myself spending more time in my server directory, digging through plugin files, verifying cheaters, etc. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy it though - I find running it to be pretty fun in itself, otherwise, I wouldn’t bother owning one.