Problem no spawn mobs ! :(

Good morning or good evening ! I come to you because I need help! I currently have a server under the last stable version of SpongeForge to which I put my modpack. After a while I remembered that I did not see mobs about the mod “Primitive Mobs”, so I tried to find the problem, I looked if the same problem in solo, resulat? Not everything is ok that spawn! So I did some research on the mod creator’s page and came across this comment

"Hello, first of all, you’ve created something really cool.

Sponge, a spawn, a spawn, a spawn in a natural way, I have reviewed everything and I do not find the reason, with an egg from the creative you can spawn, but do not appear as you walk through the server …


I can confirm, after several tests I have discovered that sponge is the cause of death.

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As I come to you, you must certainly realize it but after some tests, yes it is Sponge who blocks the spawns of these mobs. My question is: Is this a Sponge bug? Is there an option in sponge configs files to fix this problem? Sorry for my bad English :frowning:

Hoping that you have a solution !!

there’s a simple config solution

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I had the same problem and I already fix it :heart: thx, u dont know if more mods have that spwan problem ?