Problem: This server has mods that require FML/Forge to be installed on the client

I have problems with some mods, such as securitycraft and I get this problem every time I try to access the server: This server has mods that require FML / Forge to be installed on the client: [Backpack, SecurityCraft]. Since I have the mods in the .minecraft folder with the forge installed.
I have nucleus plugin.

I presume you’ve already double checked they are the same mod versions on client and server? Also check to see if the client-side configuration files for those mods match the ones on the server.

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I already solved that problem but it was removing BungeeCord and starting the determined server, but I would like to join my spigot server with sponge if that error comes out, yes, they are the same versions

Bungeecord isnt supported by forge (its made by the people who make spigot, the author of spigot openly hates forge, so its suggested that they actively make support for forge difficult).

There is a team who try to get it supported with forge (and therefore sponge) called waterfall that you can try.

Or there is also another option called Velocity, which doesn’t use bungeecord at all, so the server actually likes forge on it and doesn’t use “magic” to get it to work

and where can i download waterfall?

with Waterfall the same thing happens to me, with forge support in true

You may wish to read our documentation on using server proxies:
(apologies, that page hasn’t been translated into Spanish yet).

Mrcazuela could you solve that problem, I also have the same problem when I join the bungi (aegis)

Take a look at the page Inscrutable linked above.