Problem with external jar module that's also treated as a plugin

Hai there, thanks in advance for the help. Here’s the problem. I’m working with craftbook 4 with a gradle build, and the problem isn’t building/ compiling or dependencies. The problems comes when I create an artifact and run it on a server. It enables this jar is use as a library AS A PLUGIN and ignores the jar for that plugin I already have in the folder. Essentially, 1 jar, two plugins. I need this to stop. Any help is appreciated!

Gradle version: 4.3.1
HERE’S the public repo, I haven’t even changed anything. GitHub - EngineHub/CraftBook: 🔧 Machines, ICs, PLCs, and more!

So what would be helpful is links, and snapshots/commands that your run.

How are you building it, what version of Gradle are you using, etc…

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