Problem with nucles and Grief prevention and luckperms

So I’m running giefprevention and luckperms on my sever but when I add nucleas . When I load the world i can’t claim blocks any more . Then if I remove nucleas I can claim block again but I’d really like to run all three . Please help I can’t figure out how to fix this

Grief prevention isnt supported anymore. Try grief defender.

If you really want to keep grief prevention, then please state your versions of all plugins and Sponge (including Nucleus)

Is grief defender Basically the same thing

A few extra things, but yeah

Thanks for the help

I don’t see Grief defender any we’re on sponge

You wont. If you want a precompiled build of it, you need to pay. Here is its git.

Thanks a bunch I’ll definitely do that . Thanks a bunch