Problem with Player Revive and Tombstone

My problem is that my grave is created when I fall to the ground. When I uninstall sponge it works fine, that means I fall to the ground and then I die, the grave is created.
This is a problem because if you’re saved, most players don’t remove their graves, which causes you to see graves everywhere.
In short, the event of falling to the ground no longer cancels the creation of the tomb momentarily.
(I don’t know exactly what I have to include so that you can help me)

Mods that I mention:
Player Revive v1.2.35 (1.12.2)
Corail Tombstone v3.7.4 (1.12.2)

spongeforge v2838-7.2.2 (1.12.2)

Hey, I am having the same problem. Do you get to resolve it?

Hi any solution here??