Problem with server

Привет, спанчбобовцы. Создал сервер, все ок, ставлю плагины. Зашёл. Сервер работает отлично, но только одно но: не плагины, не моды не работают. Сервер их просто не видят. Стоит sponge forge, все в папке mods. Help me, please.

Please post the log(s) mentioned in that post.

When asking for help, please include a link to your the server.log/debug.log file, uploaded to one of the following sites (or equivalent):

Other useful information includes the versions of SpongeForge, Forge, Java, OS, and whether you have recently updated any mods or plugins, or if the server was forcibly shut down recently. It also helps to explain what fixes you have already tried, and what your thoughts are, because we can use your help in finding the bugs so they can be fixed…

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