Problem with Spawn

On my server the new players spawning with small(3-5 blocks, rarely more) shifted on the axes Ox and Oz. How to solve a problem?

p.s. Fuzz is disabled and all new players spawning on the same position. All work fine after dead or command “/spawn”.

What plugin are you using? No such thing as “/spawn” in vanilla…

I tried with EssentialCMD(/setspawn) at first, then i tried in vanilla minecraft(/setworldspawn). Nothing changed

Minecraft by default randomly scatters people slightly.

How solve this problem? Can I automatically teleport to spawn new players on connecting?

In 1.9 there is a new gamerule that specifies the radius that players will spawn at “spawnRadius”.

But yes, teleporting them after spawn is one fix.

If you are using plugins I would consider this a bug. Plugins should either be fixing this, or the method that they set the spawn point using SpongeAPI should be forcing the spawn location, unless it’s a purposeful spawn scattering plugin.