ProblemReporter - Report all the problems

ProblemReporter for Sponge is a very easy to use plugin which adds a /problem command.
This command can be used to report a problem.
Players with permission are able to see what someone reported.
All the problems are being listed in the generated problemlist file.
(you can find it in the ProblemReporter directory in the mods folder)


  • problem
  • problemlist*
  • clearproblemlist*

*if the player is OP or has permission


  • problemreporter.readhelplist
  • problemreporter.clearhelplist

If you have any questions or problem, feel free to leave a reply :smile:

Github Repo

Note: You can only download snapshots, this will change if Sponge is fully released.

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Looks cool.

Might I recommend changing the command to /report?

sounds good!
but I think it’s better to make both /report and /problem work

I don’t think the prefix Command on the command classes is necessary, since your commands are in a seperate folder.

It’s not necessary, but it indicates that it is the class for that command