Problems with ZNC (IRC Bouncer)

Everything works completely fine, until I turn on SASL Authentication. When I turn it on, I can’t connect to the bouncer because it says SASL Authentication failed. What am I doing wrong?

Also I’d be nice to know how to change my hostname.

Do you have a cert set for SASL Authentication to use? Furthermore, does Esper even allow for SASL connections?

As far as your hostname goes, assuming you’re using Linux

vim /etc/sysconfig/network
# Change HOSTNAME to whatever you wish.

EDIT: After changing your hostname, I’m not sure which user level you’ll need to exit from. Restarting your network could work. Logging out could work. Failing the last two, you may have to reboot the server.

EDIT2: Looked up how to change a hostname, just to clarify that I was correct. Go ahead and do the above step, but afterwards you should also do this.

vim /etc/hosts
# Find the external IP that's associated with the BNC (Server in general, if you only have a single address) bnc.domain.tld bnc

I’ve also read that you should, indeed, be able to just restart your network for the changes to take affect. You’ll probably also want to restart the VNC service, afterwards.


this is a rasberri pi, hostname will not do what he expects. we’ve spoken in irc about this issue, can probably close the thread

Ah, sorry. Kind of just went with the assumption of the more common OSs. :stuck_out_tongue:


Could you @phroa or could @mbaxter close this maybe?