Profile_Image recommended size?

I want to make a Image for my profile and i want a recommended size.

Thanks. :blush:

Usually just make it as big as possible as to increase the thumbnail resolution.

The dimensions of the thunbnails are 45px by 45px. If you were to make a larger scaled image of those dimensions, I think it would turn out great - and with better resolution [like @Erotic said].

120x120px like this: ?

It automatically shrinks and squares the images - so anything will work really :slight_smile:

I recommend using Gravatar.
My gravatar is something like 500x500px, if I remember correctly.

Worst advice NA.

TBH I hate services like that, I prefer to upload my personal files, not have it hosted and re-hosted.

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Well, the good thing about it is, that you don’t have to change your avatar on every Website separately.
But that are personal preferences :slight_smile:

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I don’t use any other websites with avatars.

If you want perfect resolution don’t take a 1200x1200 image and force it to resize to 45x45, it can cause it to look bad and not get what you’re aiming for. If you’re using Photoshop or Gimp, just make a 45x45 with a high resolution(not really sure if you can do this in Gimp). That’s what I’d do, anyways.


I agree, but I cannot figure out how to upload my own on this site :frowning:

Hey DrPyro! Head to the icon of your current profile picture in the upper right. Click on it. Hit preferences. You’ll see the text avatar. Hit the edit button [pencil]. Select upload from computer/gravatar/external link. Good luck @DrPyroCupcake!

Haha that was easy, although it is showing up as white :I
I don’t think that was there yesterday?

Yup, it is white. Try uploading it from your computer. Gravatar isn’t working for users of 24hrs+ (Last I checked).