Programming Challenges Time!

##Calculator Challenge


You must create a calculator that can follow the order of operations. Try to pack as many features as you can into the program while still making it easy to use/navigate. Get creative, design it however you wish! Your entry will be judged, so please make it as neat as possible!

Challenge ends 23:59 GMT -5:00, March 15, 2015


  • Must have a GUI.
  • Must follow the order of operations.
  • Must accept mouse clicks and keyboard inputs.
  • Text area must show at least the current operation.
  • No external Libraries can be used.

###Extra Goals / Personal Goals:

  • Complete the project in less than 10 hours. (work time)
  • Add a scientific setting that will change the calculator. (see below)
  • Add Tangent, Sine, Cosine, operations.
  • Create a pi button, that calculates pi to the 10th number to use in calculations.
    • Do not save the pi number in a var, calculate it every time!
    • Allow users to calculate pi to the nth number.
  • Create a history log of past operations the user can revert back to.

###Point Scale:

  • Code readability - 50%
    • How well your code is commented - 25%
    • OOP Conventions - 25%
  • Guidelines - 50%
    • Minimum requirements - 35%
    • Calculation accuracy - 15%
  • Extra credit - up to 25%
  • 5% for every extra feature you have that works.

###Example of the scientific calculator:


Which language? :slight_smile:

Just to annoy you: Excel with VBA :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m studying VB at school, actually, I have a test tomorrow :slight_smile:

Yeah not going to happen… :wink:

That’s why I titled this thread “Challenges” ;).

Changed it a bit.

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pls @DotDash i need mein linez


Which Windows version? If Windows 8/8.1, Desktop or Metro?
Which version of the calculator? Switchable?

What about languages that don’t compile or compile at runtime?

I’ll update the main post.

Programmed in batch:

start calc.exe

Results may be platform dependent.

Also I really don’t get your requirements. May only see one line at a time? Run twice? You mean like for debugging? And if it doesn’t work you have to what, start over and just rewrite your code?


Considering his only response was to like your post…


One line may only be visible at a time.

Start completely over.

I would have preferred the “challenge” to be a time limit.

I guarantee no one here is going to abide by the 1-visible-line rule. Or the compile rule, for that matter.

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It runs on the honor system. :wink:

shrugs I don’t think I’m honorable enough to not just lie about how many times I tested the project. :stuck_out_tongue: Let alone how many lines I was looking at at once.

Well then you are disqualifed xD

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Just started writing the challenge in Ook!. See you all next year.


Might add some rules for the calc…

* and / has priority over + and -
solve braces () first then the rest
calculate from left to right

If you don’t specify that this might happen:
6/2(1+2) = 6 / (2*(1+2)) = ( 6 / 2 ) * (1+2)
9 = 1 = 9

It should follow the PEMDAS rules.

Exponents (You dont have to include these)

So Parentheses is first, and Subtraction is last.