Project Automation v0.5.8 - command schedulers, signs, buttons and more

Project Automation

Project Automation allows you to configure commands to run at specific intervals or dates. Currently working but needs more testing.

:gift: Donations

Creating plugins for Sponge takes time and effort. If you enjoy the hard work I’ve put into to this please feel free to get my a cup of coffee. It is much appreciated.


:exclamation: Important

This plugin will override other command permissions so be careful

:package: Features

  • In game management
  • Run commands based on time interval.
  • Run once command
  • Run command based on specific date and time(Currently a run once feature)
  • Create objects that run commands on block interaction. ex signs, buttons, doors, pressure plates, and levers

:open_file_folder: Downloads

Release: Download Here

:wrench: Commands

  • /auto create
  • /auto create button
  • /auto create door
  • /auto create lever
  • /auto create plate
  • /auto create sign
  • /auto delete
  • /auto edit
  • /auto list
  • /auto reload

:hammer: Permissions

  • pja.button.interact
  • pja.button.break
  • pja.door.interact
  • pja.door.break
  • pja.lever.interact
  • pja.lever.break
  • pja.plate.interact
  • pja.plate.break
  • pja.sign.interact
  • pja.sign.break
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oh nice plugin but its same as [Discontinued] 📆 CommandScheduler [v2.3] ?

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Yeah I’m pretty sure he took the idea from me. He messaged me yesterday about possible automation features in my Project Worlds plugin, I told him I was working on this plugin, then a few hours later he posted that. I’ve already put a good amount of time in this so I’m not scrapping it. Besides, healthy competition is good for the community.


no problem, you and djxy; keep good works its great plugins !

I think we can now call my plugin unique.


Hey! Is it possible for this to send commands as the server for buttons / signs etc, and if not could it be implemented?

I need give item player from sign in 5 minutes. How to write give item in config file. Thank you every comment.

How do i define the player that clicked on a button or opened a door? for example if a player opened a door i want it to broadcast to the server saying %PLAYER% has just opened the door, %PLAYER% meaning whoever opened the door.

@Poke_Freak Have you found how to do this?

i dont use this anymore cause i found command signs which is pretty good for what i needed. i think it was @pl or @p. i hope this helps

I took the freedom to update this plugin to API version 7.0.0. See the Pull Request on GitHub!

might be necro posting but would be cool if the plugin had a way to target the user who clicked the sign i tried everything i could think off but the only way to target someone is by doing /msg Skrill_Craft hello world