[Project] Extra Developer Needed

Hello guys,

I currently have a new server in the works and require at least one more developer to help with it since I’m the sole one. By developer I’m not talking about setting up the server, but with writing plugins. I have a fairly good understanding of Java, however I’m relatively new to the Minecraft plugin world. Due to this, I would love to work with someone who has some experience to bring this server to life.

The idea for the server is currently under speculation, however we have a solid idea of what we’re doing. All the details can be given via private message or on skype.

If you would like to help, just comment and add a section with a little bit about yourself. Looking forward to any responses :smile:

**Using the Bukkit API since the sponge server jar is not yet available.
**We discuss many things on skype.

Moved to Server Discussion because it seemed like a better place.

The Sponge API is available to be used to be built against. If I remember correctly the docs have a ton of info regarding development


Just as thepowderguy helped me get into this a long time ago, I guess I can try to help you

I could possibly help also, if needed.