Project Management Apps to Keep Team Organized

I would like to ask if anyone here knows a management software that can be used to organize and manage your workload efficiently? We are currently on remote work and I want to be able to coordinate work across multiple teams and projects.

I usually use Git for version control and TeamCity for CI/CD.

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Azure devops (also known as TFS) has some great tools especially for KanBan based projects. While other solutions such as GitHub offer the same sort of tools, im yet to see a bit of cloud software that makes a KanBan board so clear.

Azure devops (like Github) also provides a git repo, actions (cloud containers created on new code) and many more.

Even if you dont go with azure, for any project I would recommend a good Git Repo. Just for the KanBan board alone

Just so your aware, even if you have never heard of kanban, your software team is probably using it, even if unaware. It visualises a development lifecycle so even none devs can understand what needs to happen still, as well as whats being worked on current and what has been done and by who.

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I got it, guys thanks so much!

Good day! I haven’t posted anything in so long! But I saw your post and wanted to share something I’ve been using. They provide the majority of their tools for free for a team of any size. I’ve found great use of it for both work related and person things. It has many great PM tools as well. Hope you can check it out and maybe find some great use out of it as well!

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Try Asana, I used this software because of the convenience of managing and building complex projects with detailed timelines and a lot of different tasks. Then I also tried Zentao and don’t want to use any other project management tool.

This looks promising, btw. Thanks.

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