Project Worlds Problem

Hey I’m running a 1.10.2 server and I tried using the 5.1.0-0.11.1 and 5.1.0-0.11.2 versions and both are not even letting me create a second world for my server! It keeps saying not enough arguments even tho i’m typing the command like it’s supposed to be typed.

It would likely help if you put the command that you’re typing.

Just going to take a wild guess, because of the changes to command arguments the -d flag values have changed to where the require modid:type. So instead of -d overworld the value would be -d minecraft:overworld

/world create test -d minecraft:overworld

still says the same thing

I bet you’re using EssentialsCmds and the EssCmds world command is taking over. Try /pjw:world create test -d minecraft:overworld

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Ok cool it worked!