Project Worlds

I don’t know if this is where i post this, but I have a question. Can someone tell me how to use Project Worlds and how I can use it to have muultiple worlds on one server?

Well, you can first try by installing it and getting comfortable with the commands: they normally do what they say they do.

If you want something ligther (eg, just being able to load in already generated maps), you can take a look at the multi-world support in EssentialsCmds. I personally use that one, because I don’t need extended features in generating the worlds, only managing the gamerules and tpworlds.

but what are the commands?

Documentation is definitely not my strong suit but as @Rasgnarok pointed out, the commands are pretty straight forward. Also like most of my plugins, there’s a built in help feature. It’s simple but give a bit more details to command syntax and what they are used for. This is all explained on my main thread under the head Navigation.

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Commands are also listed on the main thread but to get started simply type /world. This will output a list of all commands. If no commands show up this means you have not setup your permissions,(also listed in the thread). You can click on any command in this list for more information.

If you have anymore questions please post them in the main thread.

alright thanks i’ll try that!

But thats true for 80% of the programmers :joy:

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Yeah, I was kind of hoping I could recruit some volunteers in the future to assist with creating wiki’s pages for my projects. That way I could focus on development.

how do i download a spawn and import it