Project yredd - Universal mod manager for games


Project yredd

Most simply put, I’ve started a relatively big project recently. For a while now I’ve wanted to make a piece of mod management software that wasn’t specific to a single game or just whatever has been approved via updates by some company or even an open source project. They’ve never really cut it for me ((especially the twitch laucher yuck)) so I decided to make my own.

Design Prototypes

These are subject to change as I work on them, but currently this is the interface.

I realize that the ui design is similar to Steam’s, but imo there’s enough variance where they aren’t flat out copies or infringe in any way. If anyone has any other designs they think might work well, drop a reply below.

The idea is to just make game mods accessible to people in a way they haven’t been before. Instead of requiring some sort of hard coded implementation, the idea is to let the community manufacture a solution with scripts they submit for handling the various processes involved in modding whatever game the community is surrounding. Scripts for game detection, game patching (likely bundled with some executables if necessary, but vetted, open source ones only for security) and really just general installation.

The idea also is to not restrict users to only mods on the yredd platform. The sources function is to allow users to host their own mod repos if they’d rather not use the yredd platform.

I don’t have any sort of business plans or anything to make the project money in mind right now, since really this is just a project I really wanted to do.

If you want to help out or share this with people you’d think would be interested, feel free. I think I’m going to be open sourcing the client once the project launches, so stay tuned for updates on that, but for now, that’s it.


Obligatory pessimism out of the way, I would actually really love to see a competitor to the Twitch launcher. Especially if you manage to do something similar to Maven local repositories, where you don’t have to install the same mod fifty times for your fifty different modpacks using the same mod and same version.


That’s the idea. The package system is going to require mod id and version information, so it should be able to automatically manage those things.

Also yeah, ik the “competing standards” thing comes to mind, but technically yredd isn’t competing directly at all. It’s a general purpose mod management and installation tool for any game, where twitch and related clients are only for games they partner with officially rather that community supported.


Will you be compatible with CurseForge, AT, or Technic packs?


It shouldn’t be too hard to convert those into a meaningful format for yredd, so yes.


This looks interesting… I will definitely have to check it out! Currently I use symbolic links with MultiMC and the mods folders for modpacks downloaded with the Twitch Launcher. Technic Launcher is pretty much just garbage, imo, since it requires a zip file containing all the mods. I haven’t tried AT Launcher. Another project that I like that does some interesting things with instancing and symlinks is Mod Organizer for Skyrim (and I guess Fallout?).