Proofreaders! Here is what you're waiting for!


There are Errors in our Translated Docs!

It has come to our attention lately that there are many errors present in the translated SpongeDocs. Most translations have some warnings when they are built, due to a variety of causes. Some of the typical problems include:

  1. Page names have been translated in links.
  2. Internal link formatting has been broken, often by (1).
  3. Sphinx / ReST formatting has not been preserved.

Thankfully, the diligent and ever-useful @Minecrell has devised a system where errors in builds of the translated docs can be viewed. We hope that those of you interested in proofreading and correcting the SpongeDocs translations may make use of this feature to help remove these issues.

To view the current error log for a given language, you just need to go to the main page of the built translated docs, and replace index.html with build-log.txt.

For example (German),

We ask all our translators to try to preserve the important formatting of our Documentation, and please note that you can always visit for a primer on ReST.

We hope this assists in the refinement of our docs, and in the development and involvement of our community in the ongoing SpongeDocs saga. Anyone interested in assisting to update the documentation in the master (English) branch is also welcome to join in on GitHub.



This makes fixing translations a lot easier, thanks! I have already fixed all of the mistakes for the Dutch translations, most issues consisted of the concatenation of variables and the text after them.