Provided object is not a plugin instance?

I just updated my Plugin for sponge build 880.
When I start my server, the error occurs.

Any ideas?
Thanks for helping me!

Solution: changed submit(game.getPluginManager().getPlugin("CaveCore").get().getInstance());

It’s a plugin’s fault. Post the issue on their thread.

this is my plugin and I don’t know why I get this error occurs :smile:

Could you post the source of the Main.onServerStart() method?

taskBuilder.execute(new Runnable() {
public void run() {
LogBlockManager.sync();"LogBlock - Datenbank wurde aktualisiert");
}).interval(30, TimeUnit.SECONDS).name("LogBlock Update").submit(game.getPluginManager().getPlugin("CaveCore").get().getInstance());

just use the keyword this

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thanks! :smile: I wanted to change this in the past, but never did it, haha :smiley: