PSA: Much Censorship

Mods will ban you for saying things they don’t agree with.

I’ve genuinely loved this project from the beginning, but I gave my opinion and was immediately attacked for it. I am now banned from the Twitch chat for no reason. I imagine this post will be deleted/hidden too, but oh well.

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We didn’t ban you because we disagreed with your point of view.

If you would check what you were flagged for, it was deleted for advertising. Feel free to express your views, if you wish, but a thread with nothing but a link to a store to buy a t-shirt isn’t allowed.

How can something not be allowed in an off-topic post? It wasn’t even about the shirt, just the shirt’s message along with the message on the side.

Also, the original 5-minute ban was after I said “It hurts to see you using OS X” and then “It’s not about the OS. It’s about Apple.” When I was permanently banned, it was after I said “Sponge is nice. These people are not.”

The thread may have been flagged for advertising, but those bans were definitely not from advertising.

Off-Topic is for conversation not relating to Sponge, which also doesn’t belong in General Discussion.

If you had made a thread, “Let’s all jump on the ‘hate Apple’ bandwagon”, it may have been annoying, but no action would have been taken. The thread was deleted and you were warned for advertising, because the thread was literally nothing but a link to a store. Off-Topic or not, that’s advertising.

The 5-minute timeout (and are you really complaining because you were unable to talk for 5 minutes?) was because the conversation you were trying to start was off-topic for State of Sponge.

EDIT: Note, that Twitch timeouts are by default 10 minutes. The timeout was ended early by the same person who initiated it.

It wasn’t advertising.

As for the 5-minute ban, I was simply showing that I was not banned for advertising. I also was not trying to start any conversation. I didn’t want anyone to respond to me at all. I just wanted to say that I don’t like Apple or its products and you shouldn’t either, but if you do, whatever.

Can you explain how posting a thread with nothing more than a link to a paid product isn’t advertising? I’d love to hear your reasoning.

Do I really need to explain why that’s bogus? Your response is “Oh, I didn’t actually want to start a conversation. I was just saying it.”

Regardless, though - the situation has resolved itself on it’s own. No one is trying to censor you. We perceived the issue as we did, and steps were taken. Your account hasn’t been deleted, and outside of this thread, there’s no controversy to be upset about. Just think about your actions, in the future.


I can’t fix malfunctions in your brain.


However, I’ll try to explain that I’ve already explained this, and the world doesn’t always work exactly the way you think it does.