PSA: SpongeForge RB 2990/SpongeVanilla RB 33 for Minecraft 1.12.2


Greetings Sponge,

It’s that time again for a new series of recommended builds. Both of these contain critical fixes and performance increases (especially for pre-generation), notably the following:

After working with @Dockter and his server, we came to the realization that certain worlds (up to 3 of them) would encounter chunk corruption, wouldn’t save on shutdown, nor would unload chunks and likely numerous other possibilities of failure. After doing some investigation, I found the cause of this issue. The bug and the severity of it prompted this Recommended Build across the board. I cannot stress enough for the immediate upgrade to these builds, do not hesitate to do so.

SpongeForge: Here
SpongeVanilla: Here

PS You’ll notice these aren’t annotated with Recommended Build yet on our download site. We will be marking them shortly but I want no delay in having people start upgrading so I’ve elected to get this posting up as soon as possible.

June Gloom Release Build

Just a little footnote: If commands were throwing you errors about Iterables, updating to this release should fix it. :slight_smile:

But this was my favorite feature.


Could be the issue that block id’s are changing after every restart caused by this too?


It can cause this, yes. I’m assuming you see blocks where they just “change”…things go corrupted in your worlds?


Yes, some blocks either disappear or change to a different block.



It is likely that this may cause this to go away (granted the corruption is permanent)


Our world corrupted as well, which isn’t a huge deal because we are resetting and opening a long term server Thursday.


I recommend going with 2989 (which is the corrected RB) and see how that goes.


Alright pushed yet another build for a command fix. That will be the last of the RBs for a bit.