[PvP]Faction Request

Hello World,

I think that a lot of people waits for an update of the plugin or the plugin moving closer to it many of this one. A lot of PVP / FACTION are in 1.7.10 but would be 1.8 a revolution for a lot of nobody wanting to open a waiter(server) PVP / FACTION with mods.

For the one who would have the courage to begin such a project (even if the beginning had been to begin but apparently neglected)

The plugin would have to be very similar to the truth, the autoclaim, the power and all the rest

Do not hesitate to leave your proposals and if somebody would be willing to attack(affect) this project:)

Sorry for my English but i’m french :smile:

Faction plugins are pretty simple to make, but generally encompass a large variety of features. With the state that Sponge is in, at the moment, a lot of the implementation needed to properly test a Faction plugin is likely to be missing.

I’m sure some people are working on this, but you likely won’t see a thread about it until Sponge progresses even further.

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Of course yes, but it would be necessary to know are what these people who work above and their objectives :smile:

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The reason most PVP servers use 1.7.10 is because it has the least PVP-affecting glitches.

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Yes but also because the access of plugins is easier

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I started working on one

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