Question about gradle build

Is some better way to reduce build time? How to configure it?

I’m very unfamiliar with gradle, and any Suoptimization ggestions will do. very thank you !

Maybe it’s network problem? because i am locate China…If so, is some way to set offline build mode?

You can give --offline to the gradle command.

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Thank you, i try it, but the effect is not obvious, 9sec, 11sec…

For the shadow dependencies and such that you are doing, you are not going to get any faster than 9 seconds without upgrading your computer majorly. You should not need to run this all that often though…

Because I’m using eclipse and the dependencies are confusing (Running requires both a mod and plugin), I need to build every time I change the code… and I don’t know if you do that when you test.

No, I have never had to rebuild using gradle every time. That being said, if you need to use gradle to build every time, you are not going to get much faster. My regular java build time with a large project can take minutes, and gradle does even more stuff.

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If I don’t rebuild every time, I don’t know how to run mod while debugging my plugin