Question about pixelmon and luck perms

The request I sounds super complicated and i dont know if its possible but i might as well ask. Pixelmon (technically PixelExta)] has a command called /breed. I want to know if its possible to make the cool down between uses different for each group in Luck Perms. Right now the only way I know how to change the cool down is in the config files but that changes it for all the groups, when I want each group to have a different cooldown time.

I have never encountered that yet. That is interesting how to solve it.

Within code, yes its possible. When a command is sent there is a event that can be cancelled which is fired on the server. If there is a cancelable event then its possible to create a cooldown plugin.

I am unaware of a plugin that does so though, you may need to request one

I found a way to do it using the kits in nucleus if anybody else has this problem. For the default rank I gave them a kit that when opened ran the /breed command and this kit had a 2 hour cool down. if a command you want to do it for needs the player to execute it for it to work, you make a kit with that runs /sudo {{player}} [command] and it forces the player to run it.