Question About sponge

Hey i got a few questions about sponge.

  1. I know that sponge can use mods and plugins, but can it run them simultaneously?
  2. Where can i find mods that work with sponge? or do all mods work for it?
  3. Where can i easily find plugins that are completed and compatible with sponge?
  1. Yes
  2. Most mods should work. Make sure to report problems if they don’t

ok thanks. also can i make requests for mobs on this site? or do i need to do that on another one?

You mean like a plugin for custom mobs? Theres a plugins request thread here

I do believe Sponge is still working on adding AI stuff to the API…seems like I read that somewhere,

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  1. Sponge can’t “use” mods. SpongeForge (the official Sponge Forge coremod) runs on top of Forge right next other mods. So you use Forge (with mods) plus SpongeForge (with plugins). :wink:

But yes, you can run mods and plugins together with Forge and SpongeForge.

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