Question about SpongeDocs

Can I paste link for my video guide Как создать Sponge сервер на Minecraft 1.8+ - YouTube about “How to install Sponge” on Russian page here

If you make a PR or an issue on the docs github repo, probably :smiley:

I’m not sure how it would work putting the video solely on a single language’s documentation. @Inscrutable, do you know how this might work?

I think if you include the link within the translation it may work. This definitly requires permission from @Inscrutable imho since it borders on advertising.

Unfortunately, the answer is No.

SpongeDocs current policy is to only accept video tutorials from “Trusted” developers, which presently means “those who are directly involved in Sponge development”. We need to be sure of the content, quality and security of the videos we link to is up to our standards. If someone trusted (who is fluent in Russian) does review and vouch for your tutorial, we will reconsider this.

We also have no English “server setup” tutorial video, so it is a bit premature.
Thanks for your ideas, nevertheless.


The only possibility would be replacing the english tutorial link with the one to the russian tut. But please don’t to this without permission of the sponge staff (i.e. Inscrutable)!

Thank’s for attention.

For the moment, the most appropriate place for this Russian tutorial video would be in the Forums. To be sure the content is appropriate for the Docs, we need someone known to our staff to review it.
I appreciate your eagerness, but you are rather new to this Forum. If you have any good ideas about how we can overcome this conundrum, we will happily consider them. I would love to see tutorials in as many languages as possible featured, but we don’t want to compromise on quality.
I wonder if the members of our translation teams at Crowdin can help us out here?

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I suppose you could hop on the #spongedocs IRC channel on It’s rather useful for discussing Docs stuff.