Questions about sponge (and this because name is used)


so i run a completely vanilla server for now, and have some questions

  1. Does sponge affect ANY survival gameplay for my players, if so, what does it affect
  2. how long does it take to update versions? (1.14.4 —> 1.14.5) or (1.14.4 —> 1.15)
  3. will it reduce server proformance?
  4. How much would a plugin like coreprotect lag the server?

  1. No
  2. Depends. Sponge for the most part runs off forge so when forge updates to a new minecraft version with a stable release of forge, sponge wont be too long after it. This rule sadly is still in play even if you don’t go with the forge version of Sponge. Note that Sponge is not yet on 1.14 as the last fully stable version of Forge is for 1.12.2)
  3. No. Compared to bog standard vanilla it actually boosts performance due to optimisations
  4. Personally not tried it, but I would assume not much if anything.

Most of these are answered in the docs, under creating a server.


i forgot to ask, is it stable


Sponge is very stable, its been in development since 2014 with no complete rewrites as far as I know