Questions for the sponge devs

Questions for the sponge devs
dont ask when sponge is going to be release

You should ask questions instead of opening an empty thread :wink:

when was sponge created

Sponge was founded around Sept. 2014.

Most of your further questions should be anwered here:
and here:

(all available in a few more languages, see here: )

It was “created” on the beginning of september 2014

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how long does it take to make a api

Depends on the complexity of said API, number of people developing said api, and how much time said developers have to work on it. Not to forget skill of said people developing API. ETA’s are almost impossible to establish given a project with so many variables

In mojangtime it takes a loooong time :wink:

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how long would it take for sponge if they use forge code

how long does it take to code sponge

They use forges codebase… As numerous people have already told you:
there’s no ETA at the moment. Be patient! :wink:

If you don’t know what an ETA is: “Estimated time of arrival”

k thx :cat: :cat:

I think sponge will be released in about… 1-1.5 years? This opinion does not reflect the opinions or ETA’s of the sponge team.

what can i do to help sponge

I heard rumours about a first release in late '15.
But as always: rumours are rumours… :wink:

Just be patient, as i think that your programmingskills are not advanced enough to help the devs coding sponge.

i am guesting that sponge would take about 1 or more to be months to be compte

Don’t take this the wrong way but I feel you could REALLY do with a plugin like this

thx wet sponge :smile:

Didn’t know about this. It’s great! As a non-native speaker of English, I believe this will help me correct smaller errors :slight_smile:


You must have the memory of a goldfish :stuck_out_tongue: