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Hi everyone,

I know there’s a thread similar to this, but I’m talking about a Global Nav-Bar, versus a forum-nav bar. I mean one that shows up at the top of the page. There’s already that thing that looks like a confused equals sign, but I personally think it should be expanded, sort of like this:

(From my website)

It would have a layout similar to this:

Home || Forum || IRC || Get Involved || About

Let me know if you have any suggestions.


If you get me the font used for http://forums.spongepowered.org/uploads/default/69/d90dd2e76d4bd4e7.png

I can make some icons for it.

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This is definitely doable with Discourse, but I’d wait until there is actually something else to link to… :wink:

Looks like Helvetica to me at first glance, though I haven’t checked :slight_smile:

Could possibly be Helvetica Neue / Neue Condensed

Edit: This one? Helvetica Condensed

Honestly I’d love to see the global and forum bar as a flat UI design. Possibly use the color #f1c40f as the background, and #f39c12 as the secondary border. Both are shades of yellow used in flat UI.

Edit: It would look something like this [click on it to enlarge]:

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I think the yellow should not be as saturated. Possibly a lighter tint as to not drown out the other elements… Or perhaps darken the other elements so they’re still noticeable. Either/or, I agree that a yellow-based colour scheme would be more fitting.

I believe the “confused equals sign” button was created for mobile users. I have no evidence to support this idea but it does allow mobile users to navigate the site without clutter. I myself wouldn’t mind having a navigation bar as long as it follows the colour scheme of the forums, which I hope would be yellow as opposed to grey like it is now.

Eh, good point. I like the idea of a more vivid yellow.

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As do I. It’s just hard to see the light grey star next to the Meta tag and the grey buttons to the top-right corner just don’t fit well.


Totally agree. I only changed the color scheme of the actual background [meaning I didn’t work on the buttons, logo, or anything else hehe]. I was thinking they did a more vivid yellow, and nice contrasting black(ish) color - of like #333333.

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White is Helvetica Condensed.

That necro, tho. <3 Is this still a pastability? Cause greasemonkey could totally handle this. :3

this is posibru, try