Quick question about Sponge schematics

Hi, I wrote a framework for Sponge schematics for the Minecraft Forge API and it is working quite good, but I was wondering about some specifications.
On the specification site (Schematic-Specification/schematic-1.md at master · SpongePowered/Schematic-Specification · GitHub), there is stated that the properties for width, height and length should be unsigned shorts. As Java does not support unsigned values, I store them as integers variables and treat them internally as unsigned shorts. My question is how I should write them in NBT format. Should I write them as integers or as short values?
Also I don’t know if this is the right subforum. I posted it here because I would like my implementation to work with schematics made by Sponge and vice versa.

@Deamon ^

Since an unsigned short is still 2 bytes you should write it as a short NBT tag.
Make sure to AND it with 0xFFFF first

Ok thank you and a happy new year!