QuickShop - Item trading center, allow players to host various shops & navigate through a chat interface

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This plugin allows for a huge trading community on your server, users can create shops by shift-clicking with an item in their hand on the chest. This will then ask them to enter a price in the chat, once done within 5 seconds time a shop will be created!

Trading Platform

Everyone on the server then can find your shop on the trading center that is accessed with /quickshop list or /quickshop find .
The tradding platforms search commando allows partial naming, as such when typing in ‘dia’, all shops selling or buying items containing ‘dia’ in their name will be displayed. The shops are ordered by the amount of stock available inside of the shop.

Commands & Permissions

  • quickshop find <item> [page] (quickshop.command.find)
  • list [page] (quickshop.command.list)
  • buy <ShopID> (quickshop.use)
  • sell <ShopID> (quickshop.use)
  • price <Amount> (quickshop.command.prize)
  • remove (quickshop.command.remove)
  • purge (quickshop.command.purge)
  • type <BUY/SELL> (quickshop.command.type)

NOTE: ‘quickshop.command.prize’ needs to be typt with the spelling mistake
NOTE: Commands are executed on the shop you are looking at.


  • Upload Screenshots
  • Cleanup code & provide source code
  • More administrative functionalities
  • Config cleanup



A new version has been released for QuickShop, it is available for download here.

QuickShop 0.0.1-SNAPSHOT

This release has been tested on the latest Sponge Release, the plugin should support all mods since its all based on item ID’s.


  • Create Buy and Sell Shops
  • Change shop type
  • Change price
  • Remove Shops
  • Automated Signs
  • Chat Interface
  • Chat Trading Center with Search command
  • Modded Items (All mods should be supported)
  • Purge Shops with no stock (Admin)