RailPath plugin

Hello i need plugin for big rail system
Concept :wink: (yes , i see this in very old private server)

  1. Block (then id configured by config) placed under a railway arrow (or any track for rail stations) and get id by command or automate (simple /id 1234)
  2. Rail station is create by command on this block (/station 1234 name)
  3. And command specifies what blocks in what way (simple /id 1234 north 1235 , /id 1235 south 1234)
  4. Player enter command "/metro name " and run minecart , plugin is make path by this data and rotate minecart in railway arrow to route to station (for big system need cache routes)
  5. Minecart shop (or free distributor) to put minecart to rail , and return minecart to shop then minecrat is free (chest and sign for price and amount minecart)
  6. Increase in speed minecart started by command /metro (for long distance very need)

And yes this need in server side plugin .

Sorry english is not my native lang