Random/Chance Commands

As the title states, there doesn’t seem to be any good plugins if any at all that will allow you or the server to run a command/alias that will choose a random command from a defined list and execute it. There are plugins like huskycrates, or loot crates, but Its not really viable in alot of situations. You see it from time to time in the vote plugins but if someone could take the system that the vote plugins are using and just put the chance/random command function into its own separate plugin that’d work amazingly. For what I’m wanting to do I guess its no real secret. I run a pixelmon server and I’ve always had the idea of creating chest guis for starter selection (which I have accomplished already) however; I’d like to take it a step further due to player ideas and make it a 1/400 chance the player will receive a shiny starter from when they choose.

Hope this gives some idea on the motives I have. As i said commandbooks, huskycrates, lootcrates, etc won’t work for this b/c it relys on keys, or other items just to get the job done.

depending on quotes I wouldn’t mind hiring someone to create this. Would also like another plugin done that allows commands to be hooked to pixelmon npcs/statues/entities

… Coming summer 2017? :thinking:

I believe the plugin is alot different then crates to be fair. this is just a command executed rather then going to a crate and opening it with key requirements or something.

… I’m aware. The implied meaning was that I might work on something like this soon.,

ohh i see. You already have the groundwork for it with husky lol. I’ve really just been considering trying to hire someone to do it if the price isn’t overboard. Appreciate letting me know. Its something that hasn’t been stapled into the sponge community yet so eh.

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This is basically a good layout and name for something like this, this isn’t “in the wrong place” or “thread hijacking”

CommandDice :game_die:

This all new plugin allows you to select (with weighted probability) an item from a list.

:desktop: Features

  • random command selection
  • random item selection
  • literal dice
  • literal pranks

:calendar: Release

After work starts.


I do eventually plan to add features for this type of functionally once I unify the cores of my command plugins. I just have to find the time to rewrite a whole bunch of it :wink:

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